3M Lane Marking Applicators help you apply safety tape to floors quickly, easily and perfectly. Our handy walk-behind tape dispenser is the easiest way to mark warehouse traffic lanes and hazard areas without crawling around on the floor. Use this accessory to dispense 3M Safety Stripe and Vinyl Tapes to help improve workplace safety.


3M M-1 lane marking applicator

285.00 w/o VAT

3M M-77 lane marking applicator

1,850.00 w/o VAT

Recommendations for the application of tapes for marking

To determine the possibility of using tapes, it is necessary to test their operation on a barely visible area of the surface.
The tape should be applied after preliminary surface preparation. The optimum adhesion strength is achieved at a temperature of +16 to +27 ° C.
When applying long straight lines of marking (except curves with sharp bends) it is recommended to use an applicator for marking the floor. To produce curved lines, the tape should be applied slowly on the outside of the reference line (Pic 1).
When applying curved lines, first glue the inside of the tape along the reference line, then gently flatten the tape across its entire width ( Pic 2). Do not rush when applying tape to prevent it from peeling off and excessive stretching.
To ensure the best possible contact between the adhesive and the surface, use a roller or squeegee when applying the tape.
When overlapping the tape, for example, when making corners or joining different sections of the tape, the overlap length must be at least 5 cm or the entire width of the tape ( Pic 3). When joining butt-ends, both ends of the tape should be pressed as much as possible to the surface in order to avoid their peeling off ( Pic 4).
In places where the movement crosses the marking line, either fix the edge of the tape (Pic 5) or cut the tape every 10-15 cm to avoid detaching the long sections of the tape. In case of damage to the markup line in this case, you will need to replace only a small area ( Pic 6).

Application of 3M tapes

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