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Custom Label Printing Service

Label Printing Service

We produce not only the labels themselves from polymeric materials, but custom printing on them with various post-print processing options. This includes: foiling, lamination, decorative laminate, bulk resin filling.

We producing orders from 1 label. The minimum order value is from 30.00 € + VAT, depending on print option.

We do not charge extra fee for preparing your layout for printing, if it meets the generally accepted layout requirements.

To send your layout for calculation of the order’s cost, please use the request form below or write to info@tml.lt.

Label printing options

Labels can be of two types: printed complete (finished) or partially for, for example, subsequent reprinting of the serial number by the customer.

Print labels with black ribbonPrint with black ribbon

Option 1, basic. The basic printing option for labels is printing labels with black ribbon. The minimum cost of such an order is 30.00 EUR + VAT.

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Printing labels with colored ribbonPrinting with colored ribbon

Option 2. The same as option 1, but using color ribbon of red, blue, green, white. The minimum cost of such an order is +25% to the cost of the basic option.

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Printing plus foiling of labelsPrinting plus foiling

Variant 3. Same as variant 1, but with post-print fragmentary foiling in gold, silver. The minimum cost of such an order is +35% to the cost of the basic option.

Printing labels from the databasePrinting from the database

Option 4. The same as option 1, but with the condition to insert information for printing from the database. The minimum cost of such an order is +35% to the cost of the basic option.

Color digital printingColor digital printing

Option 5. Full color digital printing labels, banners, posters.

Layout Requirements

The layout can contain text, graphics, barcodes, 2D codes, and/or a variable serial counter. We are happy to help you develop and prepare a label layout for printing. We prepare most layouts at no additional charge. To do this, we ask you to follow a number of wishes for the layout:

file format with graphics (logo, diagrams, trademarks) — .CDR or .EPS, in curves.
• when using original fonts, please accompany the application with the font file.
• for variable numbers be sure to specify the start/final value, the change step and the number of repetitions of the number.
• to print barcodes and 2D codes, specify the desired type of code.

The more the layout meets the requirements, the less time will be spent on clarifications and your order will be completed faster.


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