Industrial Printers

Industrial Thermal Transfer Label Printers (Thermal Printers, Label Printers) cab® are for industrial applications. Suitable for printing on self-adhesive labels.

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Industrial Printers

5954517.101Label printer cab A8+ / 3003,680.00
5954587Label printer cab A6+ / 2002,530.00
5977010Thermal transfer printer SQUIX 4/300M1,920.00
5954511Label printer cab A2+ / 3001,890.00
5977018Thermal transfer printer SQUIX 4.3/200M1,860.00
5978901Perforation cutter PCU400/2,5 SQUIX940.00
5978900Cutter universal CU400 incl. cutter tray, SQUIX660.00
5977444.001Thermal printer head for SQUIX4/300450.00
5977382.001Thermal printer head for SQUIX4.3/200390.00
5953702.001Printing roller DR4-M80 SQUIX-M42.00
5953701.001Printing roller DR4-M60 SQUIX-M42.00
5953700.001Printing roller DR4-M30 SQUIX-M42.00
5954180.001Printing roller DR4 SQUIX35.00

Comparison of models

Printer A2+ SQUIX A6+ A8+
Printable resolution dpi 300/600 203/300/600 203/300 300
Print width up to mm 54.2 108.4 168 216
Print speedup to mm/s 150 300 200 150
Roll Outer diameter up to mm 205 205 205 205
Width Labels mm 4-63 20-116 46-176 46-220


Printer cab Manufacturer Model
A2+ Phoenix Contact THERMOMARK W1
A4+ Brady BP PR 300 Plus, BP PR 360 Plus
A6+ Brady BP PR 600 Plus

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