Heat-shrinkable tubes and products

Heat-shrinkable tubes and materials

Heat-shrinkable tubes: thin wall, thick wall, with adhesive inner liner, fluoroplastic. Reduces the diameter when heated. After full shrinkage, fits tightly on the surface, repeating its contours. Tubes with an adhesive inner liner provide sealing, adhesion, as well as mechanical and electrical protection of the connection. Thick wall tubes are used for mechanical protection. Colored thin wall tubes are used for marking, coding and decorative purposes. High performance characteristics of heat-shrinkable tubes and products are guaranteed by many years of experience of the company, the presence of customers among the leading manufacturers, ISO certificates for production and the quality of the products, industry certificates and UL, CSA, MIL certificates (for individual types).

Our products suppliers:
DSG-Canusa (Germany-Canada)
One of the world’s largest manufacturers of heat-shrinkable tubes and products of TM DERAY® and CANUSA®. Products – heat shrinkable tubes with different wall thickness and shrinkage coefficient, tubes with adhesive inner layer, special tubes (tracking, chemical resistant, extra strong), heat-shrinkable gloves, end caps, connectors, connecting sleeves. It has three plants in Canada (Toronto), Germany (Mickenheim) and China and two research centers in Germany (Reinbach) and Canada (Toronto). Download catalog.
ECS (Poland)
Manufacturer of heat-shrinkable tubes with thin, thickened and thick walls. There are halogen-free products with a certificate for compliance with the standard UL224. All products are offered in a wide range of different sizes and colors, with adhesive inner layer or without it. It is part of the international ITW concern. The plant is located in Poland.
3M (USA)
Heat Shrink products, from 3M, provide long-term reliable performance and excellent mechanical and environment protection. Easy to install, 3M Heat Shrink comes ready to use and with the application of moderate heat automatically moulds to a skin tight fit – even over irregularly shaped objects. 3M heat shrink features precise shrink ratio and recovery and superior split and crack resistance. The comprehensive 3M range includes, thin-walled, medium and thick walled heat shrink tubing, adhesive lined heat shrink tubing, and a range of heat shrink moulded parts. Download catalog.
This section is currently under construction. Full information about the products on the manufacturers’ web sites or on your request.

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