3M Scotch Mount double sided foam tapes

The 3M double sided foam tapes have been specially developed to bond irregular surfaces, materials with different textures, and joints where holes and voids are present. They distribute stress over a uniform area where adjoining materials have different expansion rates, bond over irregular surfaces, provide excellent sound and vibration dampening. These tapes are used for permanent affixing or mounting of components such as brackets, hooks, signs, mirrors, frames, strips, emblems, cladding, displays and decorative parts.
For maximum strength joints use 3M Scotch VHB double-sided tapes made with acrylic foam.

3M Scotch Mount For inside and outside works.

For rapid bonding of plastics. Especially strong and heat-resistant.
For inside and outside works.
Foam core — polyethylene.
Adhesive type — acrylic.
For rapid bonding of plastics.
Foam core — polyethylene.
Adhesive type — rubber.
Especially strong and heat-resistant.
Foam core — polyurethane.
Adhesive type — acrylic.
9508 — Universal.
9515 — With thick base.
9546 — Premium.
Series Econom – 9528W, 9536W, 9529W.
Series Standart – 9528, 9536, 9529.
Series Premium – 4032, 4026.


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