Masking tapes and protective masks

Masking tapes are not only a traditional easy-to-remove paper-based painting tapes. There are a lot film based tapes – made from elastic stretching vinyl, heat and chemical resistant polyester and polyimide, economical polypropylene and other polymers. A variety of materials and adhesives allows to choose the right tape for a variety of tasks from boat painting to contact leads gilding. The main feature of 3M masking tapes is always clear lines with even edges and clean one piece removal without leaving streaks, stains or sticky residue.

Maskavimo juostos 3M 401+ Maskavimo juostos 3M 401+ Maskuojančios karščiui atsparios juostos rulonuose. Termo juostos. Iki +260оС. Grindų Žymėjimo Juostos
Painting tapes on paper basis
For comfort at work.
Contour film tapes
Perfect painting with no smudges.
Heat and chemical resistant masking tapes. Thermal tape.
Based on PET. Up to +204°C.
High temperature tapes and masks.
PI based. Up to +260°C.
101E – Economy
201E, 2328 – Standard
301E – Industrial
401E – Premium
501E – Heat resistant, up to + 160°C
218 – for long straight lines
471 – for curved surfaces and lines
471+ – for auto repair
Universal: 8991, 8992, 8995
For powder coating: 8902
For anodizing: 8985
Universal: 8997, 8998
For printed circuit boards: 5413, 5419, 5026