Cable Tags

A universal way to mark wires, cables, and cable bundles. We produce flexible plastic labels with various properties and certificates, depending on the customer’s requirements – halogen-free, non-flammable, detectable, heat and chemical resistant. We recommend cab thermal transfer printers (EOS2, EOS5, SQUIX 4M) for printing. Attached to the cable – with the appropriate type of straps.

• Popular types of labels in stock – order delivery time from 1 day!
• We do label printing from the customer database.
Custom design and production of custom label labels.

Бирки TML Премиум Бирки Partex (Швеция) Детектируемые бирки TML-DT и хомуты
Labels TML Premium,
plastic 0.6 mm:
Labels Partex (Sweden),
of plastic:
TML-DT marks and cable ties are detected
105BG – be halogenų, iki +105°С.
135NG – nedegios, iki +135°С.
PPQ – PVC 1.0mm, up to + 60°С.
PPQZ – ZEREX 0.6mm,
halogen-free, at + 90°С.
Detection by metal detectors or X – ray control.