Adhesives and Sealants

Standartinėje temperatūroje lydomi klijai Hot Melt Klijai purškiamuose balionėliuose (purškikliai) Termo aktyvuojami klijai 3M PUR Sriegių fiksatoriai
Hot Melt adhesives and applicators Aerosol spray adhesives Polyurethane reactive adhesives Anaerobic adhesives
– Low Melt technology (121°–132°C)
– Hot Melt technology (177°–196°C)
– Spray cans
– Industrial high pressure cilinders and applicators
Adhesives in cans
– Sprayable adhesive remover
and pneumatic applicator PUR Easy 250
The chemical reaction of curing starts when heated adhesive begins to harden.
Cure on metal surfaces in the absence of oxygen.
– Threadlocker and retaining compounds
– Pipe sealants
– Gasket makers
Dvikomponenčiai klijai Cianoakrilato klijai UV-klijai Kontaktiniai klijai
Two component adhesives, Cyanoacrylate adhesives UV-adhesives Contact adhesives
applicators, removable mixing nozzles Universal glue for instant action Cure when irradiated with UV light, the wavelenght of whis is 310nm and longer Apply on both surfaces, let it dry a little bit, join both surfaces and tightly press

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