Our specialization is the production of thermal transfer labels from polymer materials:
• film blank labels or preprinted labels for product labeling;
• labels for temporary or permanent technological marking of boards, metal, powder coated surfaces, outgassing plastics;
• self-adhesive polypropylene and paper labels for marking boxes, pallets and packaging;
• film labels for laser printing;
• tamper evident labels, warranty labels and self-adhesive breakable seals.
Warehouse standard labels and labels of any other size on order.

Polyester labels for industrial products — white, yellow, transparent; matte, semi-gloss, gloss; with standard and reinforced adhesive

Metallized polyester labels — silvery, gold; matte, gloss, mirror, stainless steel

Labels for extremely aggressive environment — heat resistant polyimide labels; resistant to particularly aggressive solvents; labels for cryovials and holders

Process labels — high temperature and chemical resistant; temporary, removable; economical paper and film labes

Stickers for packaging, transportation and storage — paper and film; for cold surfaces and / or for sticking on frost; tamper evident labels

Labels on A4 sheets for a laser printer — white, transparent, silver, colored; with a hidden message

Custom Labels Printing Services