Protective tapes

Protective tapes – self-adhesive polymer based tapes protect the surfaces and their connections from external influences, help solving design problems, solve everyday operational problems, increase productivity and extend the life of the technological equipment. Used in the automotive industry, aircraft building, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, transport and defense industries. Effective in packaging and printing industries.

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Anti-stick tapes Antifriction tapes Foil tapes Fiberglass tapes
Base — fluoropolymer Teflon TM (PTFE).
-54 to +204°C.
Prevent from sticking of polymers, their melts, paints and adhesives. Excellent heat resistance. Chemical resistant barrier.
Base — high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE).
-34 to + 107°C.
Improve the sliding of the surfaces relative to each other. Protect from wear, suppress vibration and noise. Transparent.
From -60 to +148°C
Protect from excessively high temperatures, flames, solvents. Remove heat, reflects heat and light, dampens sound and vibration. Used for masking and sealing.
Up to +232°C.
Used for protection and masking under extreme abrasive and thermal conditions. Fireproof. Meet the requirements of F.A.R.
5180 / 5181, 5480 / 5481 for shafts and cylinders;
5490 / 5491 for flat surfaces;
5151 / 5153, 5451 / 5453 with glass cloth.
5421, 5423, 5425
402 / 421 – lead foil;
3313, 3325 – copper foil;
aluminum foil:
431 / 425 / 438, 1436 — common;
439 / 427, 1436 — linered;
363 – with glass cloth;
2552 – damping tape.
361, 3615, 398FR
Antipridegimo juostos Antifrikcinės juostos Metalo folijos juostos 3M Juostos iš stiklo pluošto

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Heat resistance UHMW-PE PTFE PTFE reinforced
Wear resistance PTFE PTFE with glass cloth UHMW-PE
Chemical resistance PTFE with glass cloth UHMW-PE PTFE
Reduction of friction UHMW-PE PTFE with glass cloth PTFE
Reduction of sticking PTFE with glass cloth UHMW-PE PTFE
Ease of application UHMW-PE UHMW-PE PTFE
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