Thermal transfers ribbons are designed for high-quality printing on paper labels. Rotate IN or Out. Roll: 1 ” or 1/2 ”. Any length and diameter.
We offer Ricoh Thermal ribbons or made by other Japanese manufacturers (Fuji Copian, DNP).
Our specialists will help you choose the strip according to the required parameters of the printer model. You can also choose a colorful strip yourself, using the table , by label material or heat shrink tube on which you print.


Thermal transfer ribbons RESIN

Name Class Features
B110CR Premium Resistant to chemicals. Suitable for most polymer labels. Recommended for printing at high resolution up to 600dpi, for small text or graphics printing.
Res01 Premium Suitable for all polymer labels, including special coatings. Large shiny print, suitable for massive element printing – large text and graphics.
Res06 Premium Thermal transfer ribbons TMARK
ResU Eco Derva Eko. black.
B110CU Premium Polyester labels 2211 and 2212. The print is resistant to solvents, including acetone, gasoline, brake fluid and isopropanol. Good resistance to high temperatures and mechanical abrasion. Thanks to its chemical resistance, ribbon can be used as an alternative to labels with lamination and laser engraving..

Thermal transfer ribbons WAX-RESIN

Name Class Features
B110TI Premium High press resistance to scratch and fusion on all types of paper (including synthetic ones). Suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene, cardboard labels.
B120CS Premium Printing on paper and synthetic labels. Suitable for labels used in outdoor conditions. Resistance to temperature up to 280 oC.
WR01 Eco Suitable for paper and cardboard labels.

Thermal transfer ribbons WAX

Name Class Features
Vax01 Premium Up to 300 mm/s, the best ribbon in its category
Vax02 Eco Up to 250 mm/s, available on request


  • ribbons with a colored layer IN or OUT
  • ribbons in 1 “or ½” reels
  • ribbons of standard length or custom-made specifications
  • ribbons of any width according to the specifications provided by order
  • selection of ribbon suitable for the customer’s material
  • trial printing by testing various combinations of materials and ribbons
  • testing of resistance to the press (for rubbing, climatic and chemical effects)

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