Hot Melt Adhesives

3M ™ Hot Melt (Scotch-Weld™) Adhesives and applicators are advanced handheld systems to help you improve productivity, lower cost and minimize waste.
Adhesives are 100% solids thermoplastic resins that become fluid when heated and quickly wet the bonding surface. They cool, harden and reach bond strength in seconds. You can move assemblies immediately to keep production flowing. This helps eliminate clamps, fxturing and drying, and saves time, energy and space.

Prie žemos temperatūros lydomi klijai Low Melt Standartinėje temperatūroje lydomi klijai Hot Melt
Low Melt Technology
121°–132°C (250°– 270°F)
Hot Melt Technology
177°–196°C (350°– 385°F)
For bonding heat-sensitive substrates.
! Can be used only with 3M Applicator LT for low melt adhesives.
For heat-resistant and strong bonding of various materials.
Used with standard 3M TC, EC, PG II, AE II applicators .