Marking tape P2535, standard, 50mmx33m

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Marking tape P2535, standard, 50mmx33m, white

SKU: _2535-5033


New floor marking tape P2535 (Taiwan). Its features are similar to Premium tapes (3M 471, 3M 5701) and its price is closer to Economical ones (3M 764, 3M 766). Self-adhesive floor marking tapes, specially designed for floor marking and warning marking in production and warehousing premises. This tape is widely used for marking the direction of movement of transport and workers, marking of storage areas, labeling of hazardous production areas, separation of spatial zones, marking of columns, marking of fire barriers, marking of sports grounds, etc. Tapes are an excellent alternative to other markings methods and marking with paint because it has some advantages: non-toxic, meets international environmental conditions, is not flammable, resistant to chemicals, wear-resistant, etc. More about floor marking tapes here.

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