Synthetic paper labels 1161

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White matte labels made of synthetic paper YUPO 1161 with a standard adhesive and an improved surface for thermal transfer printing.
General industrial labeling.
Material: polyester
colour: white
surface: matt
adhesive: standard.



Main application Identification label
Protective material of identification labels for various equipment, instruments and other long-term operation. Main consumers: enterprises of instrument engineering and electronics, manufacturers of household equipment and other industrial productions.
Material type Multilayer complexed polypropylene with organic and inorganic additives, 80 microns
High chemical resistance. Popular material type for primary or secondary label protection. Characterized by high wear resistance, resistance to moisture, solvents and fading.
Operating temperature From -30°С to + 60°С
Continuous exposure to this temperature does not change the properties and appearance of the label.
Adhesive (adhesive layer) PAT1, 21 g/m2
Acrylic adhesive. Provides high label adhesion to clean, smooth surfaces, including surfaces of high-energy polymers and metal.
Color and appearance White matt
Does not fade. Provides high contrast of barcodes and graphics.
Surface coating For TT printing
Wax / resin ribbon provides high print quality at a relatively low temperature of the print head. The resulting image is resistant to mechanical stress, moisture and solvents. Flexographic printing method, hot stamping, letterpress printing, screen printing can also be applied.
Label application
For best results, it is recommended to apply the label on a clean, degreased, dry surface, press or roll with a rubber roller, and incubate for 24 hours at room temperature.


• Labels of any dimensions and shapes • Ordering – from one label • The sealing stickers can be equipped with additional security elements – with numeric data, microfiber, adhesive UV pigmentation, individually hidden image, guilloche pattern background, foil fragments, holograms, “chamelion” laminate, etc. • Processing of materials according to non-standard tasks. • Free samples for testing. Labels can be of various dimensions and contents – it is our job to make a label in accordance with the specification you have provided.
Lipnios etiketės rulone Labels with preprint Prepaired labels
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Using graphic image*  +  +
Suitable for self printing**  +  +
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* Text, logo, graphics, barcode, serial number ** Labels in rolls for thermal transfer printers and stickers on A4 sheets for use with office laser printers *** Lamination, decorative laminate, foil, wax filler

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