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Detectable Tags and Ties

Detectable tags and ties

TML-DT detectable tags and clamps (ties) and clamps for food production and pharmacology.

In food production with open production processes, it is advisable to use materials that are easily detectable. Produced TML-LT from blue polymers with the addition of iron oxide. Detected remotely by metal detectors or X-ray control to protect food and medicine. Optimized for the most common metal and X-ray detectors. Information and tags are resistant to water, detergents, microorganisms. The tags are attached to the cable with detectable clamps of the DT series.

Dimensions, specifications of tags and clamps are here.

Supply with tags includes a black thermal transfer ribbon (ribbon) ResT-DR, white ribbon Res02 available on request.

For printing on tags, we recommend thermal transfer printers cab EOS2 a>, EOS5, SQUIX 4M.