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Cryo-Freezing Marking

Cryo-freezing labels

Labels and kits of the TML CRYO series for labeling cryotubes, cryocontainers, racks and boxes in deep freezing. Label material and adhesive – designed, tested and designed for long-term storage of biomaterials at temperatures up to -196°C. High-contrast printing of barcodes or two-dimensional codes – resistant to all possible influences during operation and long-term storage. However – we always recommend in-house testing as a first step – just order samples!

• for the first time – cryolabels for office and inkjet printers!
• TML CRYO TT kits for thermal transfer printers CAB, Zebra, Toshiba, Citizen – selection for your printer
• suitable for automatic printer applicators for tube labeling cab AXON 2

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Material TDS Printer Type Color Media Type Thickness ( µm)
1115 pdf thermal printer white semi-gloss polyester 50
1208 pdf thermal printer transparent glossy polyester 50
5203 pdf thermal printer white matt nylon 127
1205 pdf laser white matt polyester 50
1252 pdf jet white matt polyester 85

self-laminating markers.
But you need to understand that their cost is higher. And in general, no one usually scrapes test tubes marked in liquid nitrogen with a scalpel … -😊


• Labels of any size in rolls and on A4 sheets for thermal transfer, laser or inkjet printers.
• Labels with preprinted laboratory logo or other permanent information.
• Custom label printing, including variable barcode or 2d code.

When labeling tubes by wrapping, for reliable fixation during storage, the label should stick to itself.
That is, the size of the label, depending on the diameter of the tube, should be slightly larger than PI (3.14) * D (diameter) -😊

Printing equipment

We recommend:
• compact and reliable label printers manufactured by cab (Germany):
cab AXON 2 printer-applicator for tube markings.

This printing equipment provides:
• Alignment of consumables rolls from the center of the thermal print head guarantees stable fixation of narrow rolls of labels;
• print compact labels from 4×4 mm in size;
• printing mode for maximum resistance to aggressive solvents;
• integration into automated printing systems, databases and accounting;
• the ability to work offline (software included);
• mocan be equipped with a verifier to check the readability of barcodes;

TML CRYO kits are also suitable for printing on thermal transfer printers from Zebra, Toshiba, Citizen and other manufacturers.


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