Cable ID printer M1-PROV (Mk2600)


Cable ID printer M1-PROV (Mk2600)

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This model has been discontinued. We recommend these replacement Supvan TP80e, MAX LM-550A

Cable marking printer Canon M1-Pro V for printing on PVC tubes, heat shrinkable tubes, adhesive tapes and non adhesive tapes. The durability of the label is ensured by thermal transfer printing.

The most trusted and most productive cable marking printer for industrial production. Printing up to 200 m per shift. Prints all marking forms for electrical works, cabinets and switchboards assembly. Printing on economical large PVC rolls and heat shrink tubes. The largest range of consumer cartridges for quick assembly and replacement.

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Canon M1 STD III (Mk 1500) technical data.

Printing method Thermal transfer
Resolution 300dpi
Print speed Tube: Premium: 40mm/s
Standart: 25mm/s
Economic: 18.5mm/sLabel: Premium: 40mm/s
Standart: 25mm/s
Economic: 25mm/s
Performance Premium: 42pcs/min
Standart: 35pcs/min
Economic: 30pcs/min
(Print 20 mm tubes, 5 full size symbols, sequential printing, semi-cut)
Ink ribbons Cassettes (set) Black: 100m, White: 85m
Input modes Alphanumeric, symbols
Font size 1.3 mm (width only), 2 mm, 3 mm, 6 mm (each one is full and half width)
Display Graphic LCD (160 x 64 pixels)
The screen holds 10 characters in a row x 2 rows (total width)
20 characters in the line x 2 rows (half width)
Memory Print data: about 5000 characters
Files: Approximately 60000 characters
File Storage Battery Life: About 5 Years
Cutting method Automatic half cut, automatic full cutting
Power supply AC adapter (Supply voltage: AC 100V-240V 50 / 60Hz)
Working conditions Temperature from 15 ° C to 32.5 ° C,
Humidity 10% – 85%
At temperatures below 5 ° C, only with a pre-heated pipe (optional)
Storage conditions Temperature from 5 ° C to 32.5 ° C,
Humidity 10% – 90%
Dimensions (W × L × H) 250mm×300mm×85mm
Weight 2kg (only printer)

In order to make it easier to work with econimic tube reels, we recommend using the MS-TH-26B reel pad


Delivery kit for Canon Mk2600 cable printer.

Description Photo
• cable printer Canon Mk2600 cable printer Canon Mk2600
• tube printing adapter tube printing adapter for Canon Mk2600
• test cassette with ribbon (ink ribbon) test cassette with ribbon for Canon Mk2600
• AC power adapter AC power adapter for Canon Mk2600
• USB cable for connecting to a PC USB cable for connecting to a PC for Canon Mk2600
• CD-ROM with software and drivers
• instruction manual and instructions
CD-ROM with software and drivers for Canon Mk2600
• soft bag soft bag for Canon Mk2600
Canon Mk2600 cable printer kit


• The most reliable and productive cable printer for industrial production. Printing up to 400m per shift.
• Printing of all forms of markings for electrical work, assembly of electrical cabinets and distribution boards.
• Print on economical large PVC rolls and heat shrink tubing
• Largest range of cassettes with consumables for quick installation and replacement
• Works from a PC and in standalone mode. The internal memory resource is designed to store a large array of text and settings.
• Automatic feeding, printing and cutting of cambrics, self-adhesive labels and markers.
• Two cutting modes: full and half
• The display shows the type and amount of ribbon remaining in the ribbon

Easy tube loadingEasy tube loading
Open the lid and insert the tube. These two simple steps complete all preparation for printing on the tube.
Easy to useConvenience at work
For daily work, a full-size keyboard is ideal.
Work even in low lightWork even in poor lighting
Since the places where the cable is laid are often poorly lit, we added backlighting to the LCD screen.
Minimum waste when trimmingMinimum waste when cutting
Our engineers did everything to minimize waste when cutting the material on which printing is made.


Cassette with ink ribbon in black, white and red colors. Ribbon length 40, 85 and 100 meters
PVC tubePVC tube
In rolls. Colors: white, yellow, red, blue, black, green, transparent. Ø 2.0-6.0 mm.
PVC tube MarkTube
• Partex PO (non-flammable)
• Partex POZ (halogen-free)
Heat-shrinkable tubesHeat-shrinkable tubes
• rolls and cuts from 1m
• Ø 3.2 – 6.4
• shrinkage 2:1 – 4: 1
Profiles for terminals, terminal blocksProfiles for terminals, terminal blocks
Suitable for Phoenix Contact, Entrelec, Wago (Topjobs) terminals
Self-laminating markersSelf-laminating markers
• tape for printing markers of any length
• for cable max Ø 8mm
• length 8m
Self-adhesive tapes Self-adhesive tapes
Colors: white, yellow, silver;
width: 6, 9, 12 mm;
length: 27 (silver) and 30 m.
Replacement kit.


Replacement cutter, setT800-CU
Replacement cutter, kit
Tube heaterTube heater
Heats the tube when printing on an external roll at a temperature less than +20ºС
Adapter for tubeTube Adapter
Removable adapter for printing on external tube rolls
Adapters for earbudsInsert Adapter
Removable adapter for printing on external rolls of non-adhesive inserts
Pipe cleanerTube Cleaner
Replacement Tube Print Adapter Cleaner, Kit
Earbud cleanerInsert Cleaner
Replacement Insert Adapter Cleaner
Heater cleanerHeater cleaner
Replacement heater cleaner
Soft caseSoft case
Bag for storing and carrying the printer
Hard caseHard case
Aluminum suitcase for storing and carrying the printer
Automatic feeding mechanism for profilesT800-AF
Automatic feeding mechanism for profiles
Rack for large reels with profilesMK-STV
Rack for large reels with profiles
Rack for discs and small reels with profilesMK-RS3
Rack for disks and small reels with profiles
Reel unwinderReel unwinder
Reel unwinder with tube


Assembly of electrical panelsAssembly of electrical panels
Marking of terminal modulesMarking of terminal modules
Heat-shrinkable markers for wiresHeat-shrinkable markers for wires